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Our Community Creates Concepts

We are a leading company in the field of digital marketing, aiming to assist businesses within the market in establishing a strong presence through websites, social media, and increasing customer engagement with your brand. At World of Business, we have a specialized team in all digital marketing services, backed by the necessary expertise.

We are an international house of content.

who we are

We are a community of Digital Marketers, Creatives & Innovators and Tech Geniuses, all committed to the growth of
businesses and talents.

Multidisciplinary Creatives

At World of Business, our community combines technicality and creativity in several professional specialization.

Proven Track Record

A documented history of positive performance and successes in different industries and results in awareness and recognition, product-level engagement and conversion rates.

Diverse Services, Diverse Content

Branding, Brand Positioning, Digital Marketing, Photoshoots and Production, Ads and Boosting, Web Development and last but not least, Conceptual Content Creation.

Our Vision

Our Clients Are Our

We strategies and create a digital future when you choose us and trust the process.

Our Services


Our Work

Fun Fact

Community, Creates, Concepts...


Signed retainers and rotation of project based campaigns


Multidisciplinary creatives and thinkers serving quality


Lebanon, Canada, USA, Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait, Dubai, Ghana & Abidjan


Logistics, Robotics, Content, Design, Production, Finance, Sales, Web Developers & Marketing

Influencers Portfolio

World of Business has the most important influencers in the Arab world on all social media platforms, who have millions of followers. You can now view the list of World of Business influencers.

3940+ Happy Landingfolio Users

What Our Clients Say

One of the best social media companies 👍 👌 their services are great and they are so professional 👏 best of luck and wishes 🙏

Ziad Al Hafi

Ziad Al Hafi

The best social media company in the world,professional services,great offers Don’t miss it.

Mohammad Rifai

Mohammad Rifai


Pretty good agency, committed to their word and deliver on time, and their support team is one of the best.

Doaa Bhaila

Doaa Bhaila

Fantastic work ❤️keep going for the next project and thank you so much ❤️❤️

Jack Shaheen

Jack Shaheen

Litrally one of the beat social media agencies. I have seen there work and what they do is amazing 🔥🔥

Walid Yehya

Walid Yehya


Pretty good agency, committed to their word and deliver on time, and their support team is one of the best.

Doaa Bhaila

Doaa Bhaila


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